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Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives and risks as well as charges and expenses of an ARK ETF before investing. This and other information are contained in the ARK ETFs’ prospectuses, which may be obtained by clicking here. The prospectus should be read carefully before investing. An investment in an ARK ETF is subject to risks and you can lose money on your investment in an ARK ETF. There can be no assurance that the ARK ETFs will achieve their investment objectives. The ARK ETFs’ portfolios are more volatile than broad market averages. The ARK ETFs also have specific risks, which are described in the ARK ETFs’ prospectuses.

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ARK Genomic Revolution ETF
Net Asset Value
As of 09/07/2022
YTD Return
As of 07/31/2022
1 Day NAV Change
$1.64 (4.81%)
As of 09/07/2022
Expense Ratio


Fund Objective

ARKG is an actively managed Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that seeks long-term growth of capital by investing under normal circumstances primarily (at least 80% of its assets) in domestic and foreign equity securities of companies across multiple sectors, including health care, information technology, materials, energy, and consumer discretionary, that are relevant to the Fund’s investment theme of the genomics revolution.

Fund Description

Companies within ARKG are focused on and are expected to substantially benefit from extending and enhancing the quality of human and other life by incorporating technological and scientific developments and advancements in genomics into their business. ARKG will be concentrated in issuers in any industry or group of industries in the health care sector, including issuers having their principal business activities in the biotechnology industry. The companies held in ARKG may be leaders, enablers, or beneficiaries of technologies including:

  • Targeted Therapeutics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Stem Cells
  • Agricultural Biology



More Information (See Prospectus)

Fund Details

As of 07/31/2022
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  • Net Assets $2,780 Million
  • TYPE Active Equity ETF
  • CUSIP 00214Q302
  • ISIN US00214Q3020
  • INCEPTION DATE 10/31/2014
  • MEDIAN MARKET CAP. $1 Billion
  • ADVISOR ARK Investment Management LLC
  • SALES SERVICES Resolute Investment Distributors, Inc.
  • FUND DISTRIBUTOR Foreside Fund Services, LLC

NAV Historical Change

As of 09/07/2022
NAV and Market Price
  • NAV $35.69
  • NAV Change $1.64 | 4.81%
  • Median Bid/Ask Spread (30 Day) 0.03%
  • Market Price $35.65
  • Market Price Change $1.61 | 4.73%
  • Day’s Trading Volume 1,974,090 shares


ARKG Performance

As of 06/30/2022
ARKG 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Since Inception
NAV -65.72% -1.49% 8.89% 7.21%
Market Price -65.74% -1.51% 8.76% 7.19%
ARKG 1 Months 3 Months YTD Since Inception
NAV -2.42% -31.51% -48.53% 70.46%
Market Price -2.39% -31.44% -48.58% 70.25%
ARKG 2017 Year 2018 Year 2019 Year 2020 Year 2021 Year
NAV 45.39% 0.58% 43.78% 180.50% -33.89%
Market Price 46.60% -0.11% 44.06% 180.56% -33.92%

Past performance does not guarantee future results. The performance data quoted represents past performance and current returns may be lower or higher. The investment return and principal will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares when redeemed may be worth more or less than the original cost. Extraordinary performance is attributable in part due to unusually favorable market conditions and may not be repeated or consistently achieved in the future. The Fund’s most recent month-end performance can be found in the fund material section. Returns for less than one year are not annualized. Net asset value (“NAV”) returns are based on the dollar value of a single share of the ETF, calculated using the value of the underlying assets of the ETF minus its liabilities, divided by the number of shares outstanding. The NAV is typically calculated at 4:00 pm Eastern time on each business day the exchange is open for trading. Market returns are based on the trade price at which shares are bought and sold on the Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc. using the last share trade. Market performance does not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times. Total Return reflects the reinvestment of distributions on ex-date for NAV returns and payment date for Market Price returns. The market price of the ETF’s shares may differ significantly from their NAV during periods of market volatility.

Top 10 Holdings

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
Ticker Name Market Value Weight (%)
EXAS EXACT SCIENCES CORP$182,990,164.81 6.97%
SGFY SIGNIFY HEALTH INC -CLASS A$165,138,297.84 6.29%
TDOC TELADOC HEALTH INC$120,584,746.80 4.59%
FATE FATE THERAPEUTICS INC$116,438,397.11 4.44%
CRSP CRISPR THERAPEUTICS AG$110,126,874.99 4.20%
BEAM BEAM THERAPEUTICS INC$110,121,278.26 4.20%
SDGR SCHRODINGER INC$103,295,903.52 3.94%
TWST TWIST BIOSCIENCE CORP$99,294,302.34 3.78%

Exposure Breakdowns

As of 07/31/2022
As of 07/31/2022
Geographical Region
Weight % of Market Value
North America
Western Europe
Africa / Middle East
Market Capitalization
Weight % of Market Value
Mega ($100B+)
Large ($10 - $100B)
Medium ($2 - $10B)
Small ($300M - $2B)
Micro ($50 - $300M)

Portfolio holdings and allocations are subject to change and should not be considered investment advice or a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any particular security.

Know Your Fund
Fund Documents
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Recent Premium/Discount

As of 09/07/2022
NAV 4PM Mid-Point Difference Premium/Discount
$35.69 $35.69 -$0.00 0.00%
Select time period
Historical Data
Greatest Premium: 0.10% (09/02/2022)
Greatest Discount: -0.14% (08/09/2022)
Number of Days At
  • Premium: 14
  • NAV: 4
  • Discount: 29
Days Within Percent of NAV
  • Percent of Days ± 0.5% of NAV: 100.00%
  • Number of Days ± 0.5% of NAV: 47

The Premium/Discount chart shows the difference between the daily market price of the Fund’s shares and the Fund’s net asset value (“NAV”). The daily market price is calculated using the mid-point between the highest bid and the lowest offer on the listing exchange, as of the time that the Fund’s NAV is calculated (usually 4:00 pm Eastern time). The vertical axis of the chart shows the premium or discount of the Mid-Point price as a percentage of the NAV. The horizontal axis shows the number of trading days covered by the chart, and each bar in the chart demonstrates how many days the Fund traded within the given premium/discount range. The data presented in the chart and table above represent past performance and cannot be used to predict future results.

The principal risks of investing in ARKG include: Equity Securities Risk. The value of the equity securities the Fund holds may fall due to general market and economic conditions. Foreign Securities Risk. Investments in the securities of foreign issuers involve risks beyond those associated with investments in U.S. securities. Health Care Sector Risk. The health care sector may be adversely affected by government regulations and government health care programs, restrictions on government reimbursements for medical expenses, increases or decreases in the cost of medical products and services and product liability claims, among other factors. Many health care companies are heavily dependent on patent protection and intellectual property rights and the expiration of a patent may adversely affect their profitability. Biotechnology Company Risk. A biotechnology company’s valuation can often be based largely on the potential or actual performance of a limited number of products and can accordingly be greatly affected if one of its products proves, among other things, unsafe, ineffective or unprofitable. Biotechnology companies are subject to regulation by, and the restrictions of, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, state and local governments, and foreign regulatory authorities. Pharmaceutical Company Risk. Companies in the pharmaceutical industry can be significantly affected by, among other things, government approval of products and services, government regulation and reimbursement rates, product liability claims, patent expirations and protection and intense competition. Detailed information regarding the specific risks of ARKG can be found in the ETF’s prospectus. Additional risks of investing in ARKG include Foreign Securities Risk, Information Technology Sector Risk, equity, market, management and non-diversification risks, as well as fluctuations in market value and NAV. An investment in an ETF is subject to risks and you can lose money on your investment in an ETF. There can be no assurance that the ETF will achieve its investment objective. The ETF’s portfolio is more volatile than broad market averages. Shares of ARKG are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the ETF. ETF shares may only be redeemed directly with the ETF at NAV by Authorized Participants, in very large creation units. There can be no guarantee that an active trading market for ETF shares will develop or be maintained, or that their listing will continue or remain unchanged. Buying or selling ETF shares on an exchange may require the payment of brokerage commissions and frequent trading may incur brokerage costs that detract significantly from investment returns.

The Adviser expects to invest at least 80% of the Fund’s assets in Genomics Revolution Companies. However, certain of these companies do not currently derive a substantial portion of their current revenues from genomic-focused businesses and there is no assurance that any company will do so in the future, which may adversely affect the ability of the Fund to achieve its investment objective.

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