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The Switch

The Switch is a video series created by ARK that aims to provide education about exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and help investors understand investing in innovation.

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Season 4

Innovation in times of turmoil

Episode 1

Rethinking Asset Allocation

On this season of ‘The Switch’, ARK Client Portfolio Manager, Ren Leggi, is joined by ETF Trends CEO, Tom Lydon, and CIO, Dave Nadig, to examine how innovation performs in times of market turmoil. To kick off Season Four, Ren, Tom, and Dave discuss rethinking asset allocation. Listen in as they explore “60/40” portfolio allocation, correlation benefits to innovation, rising rates, and more.

Episode 2

Volatility: Why It’s Not a Bad Word

In episode two, ARK Client Portfolio Manager, Ren Leggi, is joined by ETF Trends CEO, Tom Lydon, and CIO, Dave Nadig, to discuss volatility and why it’s not a bad word. In fact, Nadig believes it's a good word. Listen in as we examine the portfolio construction process, markets spikes, and correlations between innovative technologies.

Episode 3

Efforts During Periods of Expansion & Contraction

In this episode, we have a new host: ARK Client Portfolio Specialist, Dan White. As always, we’re joined by ETF Trends CEO, Tom Lydon, and CIO, Dave Nadig, to discuss real world evidence of ARK's efforts during expansion and contraction periods. Listen in as we examine the velocity of volatility, role of active management, and the importance of maintaining a long-term investment timeline.

Episode 4

Why Innovation Is Key to an Equity Portfolio

In our final episode this season, ARK Client Portfolio Specialist, Dan White is again joined by ETF Trends CEO, Tom Lydon, and CIO, Dave Nadig to discuss why we believe innovation is key to an equity portfolio. Listen in as we examine how to best understand standard deviation, volatility, risk and how adding innovation could impact one's portfolio.

Season 3

Rethinking Asset Allocation

Episode 1

Disruptive Innovation: Why Now?

Episode one breaks down why now is the time for disruptive innovation. Today, we believe the global economy is undergoing the largest technological transformation in history thanks to five innovation platforms evolving at the same time.

Episode 2

How to Identify Transformative Technologies

In episode two of The Switch, we discuss how to identify transformative technologies and what distinguishes true innovation from a passing fad.

Episode 3

Assessing the Impact of Disruptive Technologies

In episode three, we discuss how to assess the impact of disruptive technologies. Firms often box innovation into sectors, geographies, or market capitalization. At ARK, we take a different approach.

Episode 4

“Good” vs. “Bad” Deflation

In our final episode this season, Cathie, Tom, and Dave discuss deflation. While inflation remains a grave concern for investors, ARK believes greater risk lies with deflation. Cathie also weighs in on the difference between “good” and “bad” deflation, inventory build-ups, and the power of convergence.

Season 2

The mechanics of ETFs

Episode 1

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds & Active vs. Passive

To kick off our sophomore season, Ren, Tom, and Dave discuss the advantages of ETF structure – such as tax efficiency, transparency, and liquidity – and how it compares to other vehicles. They also weigh in on active vs. passive investing and what it means for the future of portfolio management.

Episode 2

Creation & Redemption Process of ETFs

In episode two, we take a deep dive into the creation and redemption process, what it means for liquidity, and the advantages of active vs. passive investing.

Episode 3

Capacity for Innovation

Episode three focuses on the market’s capacity to absorb innovation-centric investments, the pipeline from private to IPOs and SPACs, and why we believe innovation is a strategic asset class.

Episode 4

Liquidity of ETFs

Our final episode this season focuses on best practices for trading ETFs. Tune in to learn about limit orders, on-screen vs. underlying liquidity, and how both large and small investors can optimize their trading activity.

Season 1

Four Market Inefficiencies

Episode 1

Short-Term Time Horizon

On this season of 'The Switch', ARK Client Portfolio Manager, Ren Leggi, is joined by ETF Trends CEO, Tom Lydon, and CIO, Dave Nadig, to discuss four market inefficiencies. First up: the market’s short-term time horizon.

Episode 2

Passive Public Markets

Episode two focuses on passive public markets, an area that has surged over the last decade, despite being built on past success, when the idea should be to look forward.

Episode 3

Siloization of Wall Street

Episode three focuses on the siloization of Wall Street – the splitting of personnel, data, and more, into isolated units with poor communication.

Episode 4

The Closed-Off Research Mentality

Episode four focuses on the closed-off research and investment mentality – specifically the skilled people hired, who can share insight instead of withholding it.

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