Pearl Yacht Charters
Luxury Sailing Charters in Malaysia and Thailand

If exotic locations, combined with beautiful beaches and
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luxury yachts are the lifestyle you are looking for then this is the right place!

Creating wonderful chartering experiences requires a combination of many things – you have to be in the right location, you have to have the right yachts and especially you have to have experienced people and crews with the right skills and attitudes to bring it all together seamlessly. At Pearl Yacht Charters we have all of that and more -

Saloon Teraju

The Saloon in Teraju

The flagships of our small fleet are the eighty foot long aluminum hulled Teraju and the sixty five foot long aluminum hulled Valtair. Both are fully equipped for luxurious sailing and offer amenities like water makers, full air conditioning, a large electrical generator and a full suite of navigational and electronics equipment. We take pride in the galleys of our yachts and make sure that no matter where we are we can offer superb food and drink. We insist that our yachts are always in top condition and spotlessly clean. Both of these yachts are not only comfortable and seaworthy, but have logged thousands of miles offshore in demanding offshore races and while sailing round the world. Amenities like large fuel and water tanks coupled with a large capacity water maker, a good sized generator  and over-sized freezers and refrigerators ensure that you live without the restrictions of lesser yachts.

Valtair Under Sao;

Valtair Under Sail

Both of these yachts are maintained in first class condition – Teraju has just completed a $250,000 refit that include a new engine, new electronics, new sails and much more.
We have bases in modern, well equipped marinas in both Penang island (sometimes called The Pearl of the Orient) and the Langkawi Islands (a group of 99 tropical islands off the North West coast of Malaysia) to assure you of the utmost convenience in arrival and departure. Both of these locations offer full amenities to ensure that our yachts are always in top shape and our charters fully provisioned.
In Penang we can also host you in our unique boutique hotel, Hotel Penaga, which is a 5 star hotel situated in a Unesco Heritage Site. In Langkawi some of the finest 5 star hotels on the island are located only minutes away from our base,
Whether its a Sunset Cruise to enjoy a great meal while watching the sun set in the Andaman Sea or a week long trip to Phuket in Thailand, we stand ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Reserve a charter on the yacht of your choice now!

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